Mowing Tips Grassmaster

  1. Don't cut wet grass. The grass blades may not be standing up straight and this can cause an uneven cut. The clippings are more of a problem and can clump together and mat down preventing light from getting to the grass underneath. Mowing a wet lawn can also lead to soil compaction. Wait until your lawn is fairly firm and dry before cutting.
  2. If possible, remove clippings from your lawn for the first year of growth. This will give the young plants a better chance to spread and fill in faster. (It is also important to remove leaves that fall on your lawn for the same reason.)
  3. Alternate mowing patterns. Mowing in the same direction all the time can cause wear patterns and also lead to soil compaction.
  4. Check for areas that are uneven. Some settling may occur and leave slight depressions. Be aware of this and watch that you don't scalp the high spots.