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Sod Grass Lawn Alternative?!

Get HydroSeed

Need a Lawn? SOD is Roughly 4X the cost of hydroseed fully installed.

We are a local company based out of Woodinville since 1993 (over 31 years!). Below we'll discuss SOD and Hydroseeding are the most common options for a new lawn.

These prices are *Industry Average*. Please contact us for your personal quote.

  • Hydroseeding is a process where seed, fertilizer, and mulch are mixed with water and sprayed onto the ground.
  • 3,000 SQ FT of hydroseed takes 1 person about 1 hour to install.
  • SOD is a process where grass is grown on a farm and then cut into strips.
  • 3,000SQFT of SOD generally takes 1 person about 1 day to install.

Both (hydroseed & SOD) require the same soil/yard preparation that includes rototilling, grading, and rolling the soil.

Both (hydroseed & SOD) require the same amount of watering to establish a root system

The Better Way to a Luxurious Lawn

Hydroseeding is a low cost option to Sod with Custom Mixes available for all types of turf

Easier to Use

Easier to Use

One of the primary reasons people choose sod over a new lawn is because they expect it to be easy. But really, what's so easy about lifting heavy rolls of damp sod and fitting them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle? Instead, you could choose a Grass Master hydroseed lawn.

A Healthier Lawn

A Healthier Lawn

Grass Master lawns are engineered to be drought tolerant, disease resistant and low maintenance. We tailor your lawn to your gardens unique microclimate, preparing a custom blend of top-quality seed, slow-release fertilizer, lime and heavy mulch. So confident are we in the quality of our lawns, we guarantee your satisfaction.

A Lot Less Expensive

A Lot Less Expensive

Our lawns are easier, guaranteed to be healthier, and can save you 50% or more compared to the cost of installing sod. Grass Master lawns truly are the better way to a luxurious lawn. And because our lawns are more durable, you continue saving over the years with lower maintenance costs.