How Does GrassMaster HydroSeeding Work?

  1. Customer/Landscaper Prepares Soil Area

    • Grassmaster does not prepare your area, you must prepare the soil or hire a landscaper
    • Remove any existing grass or weeds
    • Bring in 4-6-inches of soil
    • Till the fresh soil into your native soil
    • Level to avoid any water pooling
    • Roll it out to prevent lumpy growth
  2. Schedule Hydroseed Installation

    • Contact us via phone or email
    • Tell us if you are READY, or if you have questions.
  3. JOB Confirmation

    • On the DAY BEFORE your job, we call you to confirm.
    • On the MORNING OF your job, we call you to provide our estimated time of arrival
  4. We Arrive & Install

    • Our team arrives at the scheduled day
    • We bring all necessary equipment and materials
    • We use a specialized machine to mix the ingredients
    • The mixture is prepared according to the type of grass and soil conditions
    • The mixture is evenly sprayed over the prepared soil
  5. After Installation / Germination

    • After spraying, the area should not be walked on until the grass has grown
    • We leave a booklet with instructions