Transform Your Lawn with Hydro Seeding

Our Hydro seed installation services are designed to give you the lush, green lawn of your dreams efficiently and affordably.

Let's dive into what makes our service the best choice for your landscaping needs.

What’s the Product?

Hydro seeding is an advanced lawn seeding process that combines water, seed, fertilizer, and a protective mulch in a slurry that's sprayed onto your soil.

This innovative method ensures even seed distribution, promotes rapid germination, and creates an ideal environment for your new lawn to thrive.

Why Does It Exist?

Traditional methods of seeding and sod installation can be time-consuming, costly, and often yield inconsistent results. Hydro seeding was developed to address these issues by providing a more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solution. It exists to help homeowners and businesses achieve beautiful, healthy lawns without the hassle and expense associated with other methods.

How Is It Going to Benefit Me?

  • Cost-Effective: Hydro seeding is approximately one-quarter of the price of sod, making it an economical choice for any budget.
  • Efficient: The process is quick and straightforward, ensuring that your lawn is planted evenly and begins growing faster than traditional seeding methods.
  • Superior Results: The protective mulch used in hydro seeding retains moisture and provides essential nutrients, promoting faster and more uniform grass growth.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By using a mix of water, seeds, and organic mulch, hydro seeding is a sustainable choice that minimizes waste and promotes healthy soil.

If I Order Today, How Long Until It Gets Here?

  1. Step 1. You Call Us with estimated size
  2. Step 2. We provide our quote, and get you on the schedule
  3. Step 3. We can typically perform the Hydro seeding within a few days, depending on weather conditions and scheduling availability.
  4. All grass grows best above 60-degrees. If warmer than 60, you'll see grass starting to sprout within 7-10 days after application.

How Does It Compare to the Competition?

  • Versus Hand Seeding and Dry Broadcasting: Hydro seeding provides more even coverage and faster germination. The protective mulch helps retain moisture and nutrients, leading to healthier, more robust grass growth.
  • Versus Sod: While sod provides instant results, it's significantly more expensive and requires meticulous installation and maintenance. Hydro seeding is far more affordable and creates a stronger root system as the grass grows naturally in your soil.
  • Versus Other Hydro Seed Providers: Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and personalized care. We use top-quality seeds and materials, ensuring the best possible results for your lawn. Additionally, our detailed soil preparation recommendations set us apart, ensuring your lawn has the perfect foundation for growth.

Experience the difference with our Hydro seed installation services. Transform your lawn into a lush, green paradise quickly, affordably, and sustainably. Call today and take the first step toward the lawn of your dreams!

The Better Way to a Luxurious Lawn
Hydroseeding is a low cost option to Sod with Custom Mixes available for all types of Quality Turf Estate Lawns, Play Yards, and Drought Resistant Turf.

Why does Hydroseeding exist?


One of the primary reasons people choose sod over a new lawn is because they expect it to be easy. But really, what's so easy about lifting heavy rolls of damp sod and fitting them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle?
Instead, you could choose a Grass Master hydroseed lawn. You simply follow our instructions to prepare your soil, just as you would for a sod lawn, then a Grass Master professional installs your customized lawn for you. In little over a week your new lawn begins to grow.

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Lawn Hydroseeding is Healthier

Grass Master lawns are engineered to be drought tolerant, disease resistant and low maintenance. We tailor your lawn to your garden's unique microclimate, preparing a custom blend of top-quality seed, slow-release fertilizer, lime and heavy mulch. Your lawn avoids the trauma that a sod lawn undergoes when it's uprooted, stacked, shipped and transplanted into different soil. So confident are we in the quality of our lawns, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Grass Lawn Hydroseeding is A Lot Less Expensive

Our lawns are easier, guaranteed to be healthier, and can save you 75% or more compared to the cost of installing sod. Grass Master lawns truly are the better way to a luxurious lawn. And because our lawns are more durable, you continue saving over the years with lower maintenance costs.

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If I order today, how long until it gets here?

  1. We will immediately email/call you back with your phone and offer appointment dates
  2. On Appointment Day: We call you in the morning, to make sure nothing catastrophic has happened to your yard.
  3. We show up with a truck-full of Seed/Mulch and thoroughly install our lawn/seed mix
  4. We hand you a guidebook explaining when to water and mow (both depend on sun & heat!)

How does it compare to the competition

We spray over 1000 jobs a year, some are a few hundred sqft and some are +10-acres. We use premium seed, premium mulch, clean fertilizer and our teams are continuously trained in safety and quality. We are the best in the business.

The Better Way to a Luxurious Lawn

Hydroseeding is a low cost option to Sod with Custom Mixes available for all types of turf