Limited Warranty Grassmaster

Grass Master warrants that all work will be done by professional personnel and that all materials used will be of the hiqhest quality obtainable.

Grass Master guarantees a stand of grass that is uniform and consistent after complete seed germination on acceptable soils. Grass Master uses only certified seed and does not accept responsiblity fo any weeds that may occur in existing soil or topsoil. Grass Master supples maintenance information that the customer needs to comply with for a quality stand of grass. Grass Master will reseed or respray any areas that have not developed as described above (method used shall be our option). Bare patches due to puddling, guttering, runoff from roads or driveways or damage from dogs, children, or equipment is not included. Grass Master supplies information to the customer on how to overseed for these problems.

It is understood and agreed that the owner is responsible for proper watering and if the lawn is found in a dry state within the first fourteen (l4) days of seeding that this guarantee shall become null and void.

Grass Master does not warrant any seeded lawn to be immune from moss, fungus, disease or insect damage and will not respray for such damage except at customers expense.

This warranty is for a period of sixty (60) days from installation and Grass Master needs to be notified within that period for any warranty work to be acted upon. Grass Master cannot be responsible for neglect, abuse, acts of nature or situations beyond our control.