Why Hydroseed?

Low Cost Option

If you want to make your lawn healthier and easier to maintain, all while keeping your costs down… Then Grassmaster’s hydroseeding is Perfect for you! Find Out More!


Why GrassMaster?

Unequalled Guarantee

Grass Master has been an industry leader for over 18 years. With innovative products, custom seed and specialized equipment, we provide quality lawns at affordable prices. Learn More About GrassMaster


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Colorful Wildflowers, Aeration, Thatching, Overseeding, Native Meadow Mixes, Pastures, Clover, Drought Tolerant Grasses, and much more… View All Our Services


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The Better Way to a Luxurious Lawn

Hydroseeding is a low cost option to Sod with Custom Mixes available for all types of turf

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Easier to Use

Easier to Use

One of the primary reasons people choose sod over a new lawn is because they expect it to be easy. But really, what’s so easy about lifting heavy rolls of damp sod and fitting them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle?
Instead, you could choose a Grass Master hydroseed lawn.

A Healthier Lawn

A Healthier Lawn

Grass Master lawns are engineered to be drought tolerant, disease resistant and low maintenance. We tailor your lawn to your garden’s unique microclimate, preparing a custom blend of top-quality seed, slow-release fertilizer, lime and heavy mulch. So confident are we in the quality of our lawns, we guarantee your satisfaction.

A Lot Less Expensive

A Lot Less Expensive

Our lawns are easier, guaranteed to be healthier, and can save you 50% or more compared to the cost of installing sod. Grass Master lawns truly are the better way to a luxurious lawn. And because our lawns are more durable, you continue saving over the years with lower maintenance costs.