30 Day Follow Up

Exclusive 30 Day Follow Up Program

The Grass Master’s 30 day follow up program is by far different, and superior, to any other offered programs.
Following is a description of the Grass Master follow up advantages.

  1. Every follow up is done by a Grass Master professional, not an outside company. How is this better? It allows you to feel confident that your needs are being met by the same people that installed the lawn, not someone that is examining your lawn for the first time. For us, it allows us to visually see results of our hydroseeding and insure that you are satisfied with the end results.
  2. Each follow up is not to just “check it out”. We apply a second application of fertilizer developed specifically for our hydroseeded lawns. We know what these lawns need because we are, after all, the ones that installed it. We also have the ability to overseed any areas that may have seen some wash out, neglect or animal damage, while there on site, with the same seed blend that was originally applied. The idea is to satisfy your new lawn needs at the time we are there.
  3. Each follow up receives a personal door hanger evaluating your lawn and it’s care. The Grass Master follow up professional will evaluate your lawn care practices, i.e.; watering, mowing, traffic control. We will then leave any suggestions for you we feel vital to the success of your lawn. This door hanger also lets you know that we were there to assist you with the success of your new lawn.

It’s easy to see how the Grass Master follow up program is superior to all others. We developed and introduced this program to the hydroseeding business with the sole purpose of providing unbeatable customer service along with installing a lawn of only the highest quality. With over 18 years of experience in the lawn business we are always there to take care of your questions and your concerns.

*In order to guarantee every Grass Master lawn we install we use only materials of the highest quality. Grass Master’s exclusive professional in-house follow up program, that includes an additional fertilizing along with any needed overseeding approximately 30 days after installation, is included for all Master Lawns.